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Erk's V8 Supercar Photos 2001/2002


All photos/opinions are personal and not that of any pictured V8 Supercar Team. This site is not endorsed by any V8 Supercar Team. All photos on this site were taken by Eric Scaresbrook and are copyright. Photos are not to be used on other sites without permission.

V8 Supercar Championship 2002 



Shell V8 Supercar Championship 2001 







Clipsal 500 Weekend - Formula Holden  



Formula Holden driver Alan Gurr comes up to a slow halt. The red flag is flying in the background in relation to an earlier accident.......

The driver hops out of the car and I am none the wiser at this stage to the problem. It turns out that this stoppage was due to a severed brakeline after running over accident debris earlier in the lap......

The car is towed away by a tow truck.

Car 2 enters VB Corner.

Car 3 plays a game of "Dude, where's my sponsor?"


Last updated 30 April 2001


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