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Erk's V8 Supercar Photos 2001/2002


All photos/opinions are personal and not that of any pictured V8 Supercar Team. This site is not endorsed by any V8 Supercar Team. All photos on this site were taken by Eric Scaresbrook and are copyright. Photos are not to be used on other sites without permission.

V8 Supercar Championship 2002 



Shell V8 Supercar Championship 2001 








V8 Supercars 2001

Other Ford Teams/Cars  


This page features various one car Ford teams. Not featured on this page are mutli-car Ford teams which can be found on separate pages.  

John Bowe (600) leaves the pits in his CAT Racing Falcon. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Brad Jones (21) in the Ozemail Racing Falcon leaves the pits.  Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Mark Larkham in the ICS Smartcar (10) leaves the pits with front panel damage after a bingle in race 2. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Cameron McLean leaves the pits in the Greenfield Mowers Falcon (40). Clipsal 500, Adelaide.

Dean Canto (car 45) leaves pit lane. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


Mark Larkham comes onto Pit Straight. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


Anthony Tratt is on fire in car 75! Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


Anthony Tratt in car 75 leaves the pits. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


Steve Ellery (23) has John Bowe (600) behind him at VB Corner. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.

Mark Larkham turns into VB Corner Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


Paul Weel (43) survived a big crash during qualifying before this photo. The car was repaired. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Cameron McLean (left) crests the hill near turn 3 with Holden privateer Dugal McDougall (right).

John Bowe (600) in the black CAT Falcon was placed 4th after race one and is on the grid in that position before race 2.

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