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Erk's V8 Supercar Photos 2001/2002


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V8 Supercar Championship 2002 



Shell V8 Supercar Championship 2001 








V8 Supercars 2001

Stone Brothers Racing  


Stone Brothers Racing consists of the Pirtek liveried Falcon of Marcus Ambrose (4) and the Caltex/Havoline Falcom of David Besnard (9). Both drivers race AU Falcons. 



I caught the tail end of this crash by Marcus Ambrose in the Pirtek Ford in Pit Straight. The car is pushed to the pits by marshalls. It was in a similar spot to Steven Richards' problem. The car comes to a halt a little shorter in the nose than before. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Ambrose is out of the car and examines the damage to his car. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Marcus Ambrose during Friday's practice enters the main straight. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.

Marcus Ambrose leaves pit lane. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.


David Besnard leaves pit lane. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
David Besnard (9) had a close encounter of the Bargwanna kind in race 2 and is seen entering the pits. Eastern Creek, Round 3.


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