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Erk's V8 Supercar Photos 2001/2002


All photos/opinions are personal and not that of any pictured V8 Supercar Team. This site is not endorsed by any V8 Supercar Team. All photos on this site were taken by Eric Scaresbrook and are copyright. Photos are not to be used on other sites without permission.

V8 Supercar Championship 2002 



Shell V8 Supercar Championship 2001 








V8 Supercar Shell Series 2001

Various Photos  


These photos from the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide or Eastern Creek mostly do not fit into another category on this site and is an alternative look into some of the sights you might see off the track.....



One of the stunt motorcyclists plays a game of "Dude, where's my tyre?" Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Man, I don't know why my tyre popped!


Clipsal 500, Adelaide.

Smokin'! Who said smoking is bad for your health (especially if you charge these guys for their tyres!)? Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
I bet your local postie can't do this! Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
"Calling Cart 1! Cart 1 please go to the baggage counter!" Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
"It's checkered flag time!" (V8 Supercar cliché # 602) Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Not surprisingly, none of the male V8 Supercar fans asked this young lady to move out of the way! Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Quite a few guys would hope they'd be on pole position! Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Meanwhile in the middle of the grid it was impossible to get a shot of Kev's Girls on the grid so I went for the Super Cheap (Super Cheap Autos, that is) option....... Clipsal 500, Adelaide. 
How embarrassing would it have been if the checkered flag guy fell out of his perch at the end of the Go Cart race? Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Has anyone seen Bobo? The pizza isn't very hot at this stage..... 


Clipsal 500, Adelaide.

Reason # 612 mum doesn't want junior to get a bike licence! Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
A Serco bus runs down the main straight. Did the driver get lost? Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
Today's Formula Holden race is brought to you by the team at Question Mark Motorsport. Clipsal 500, Adelaide.
The champers flies during the Formula Ford presentation. I thought I was in the perfect position for the V8 Supercar presentation judged on this shot but a mobile podium was used instead. D'oh!

Round 3, Eastern Creek

Now that's an interesting helmet! This Craig Lowndes fan was seen on both days at Eastern Creek with the same outfit on, even entering a Triple M driver lookalike competition - apart from the helmet, he looks nothing like Craig!


Round 3, Eastern Creek

Speaking of Craig Lowndes from the photo above, this is what he really looks like sans helmet - this photo was taken prior to the Formula Ford presentation where he was the presenter. Round 3, Eastern Creek


A queue of various V8 Supercars waits to enter the track prior to a practice session. Turn 1 and the Drag Strip are in the background. Round 3, Eastern Creek
The Eastern Creek Hamburger - home to Race Control. Round 3, Eastern Creek

"It's Checkered Flag time!" (again!) Round 3, Eastern Creek



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